Reminder for Searching Database
It has come to our attention that some OWs are experiencing problems when searching by name for individuals. Having looking into this it would appear that you need to enter JUST the surname into the name box, it will then give you a list of possible names and you need to click on the one you are looking for. Also, when searching the database it is advisable to press the reset button to clear all search boxes between each search or it may not work.
For more information or to report any issues, please contact:
Caroline Hall, Partnership Development Officer/Alumni Secretary, Wymondham College, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 9SZ or email at hallca.ad@wymondhamcollege.org.
Welcome to the Alumni Database
The new database will enable you to search more effectively for friends and also to upload and edit your own information.

If you had a user account on the old Alumni Database please click the Login/Register link above to access your details using your current EMAIL ADDRESS and your usual PASSWORD.

If you are new to the database please click Register and follow the instructions.

Any problems give us a call Jackie Glenn or Caroline Hall 01953 609000 or email alumni@wymondhamcollege.org
The Old Wymondhamians 100 Club
Since Oct 2003 the 100 Club has been the main source of income for the Old Wymondhamians. It has taken some time to reach the magic 100 members but we are just about there now.

The 100 Club is currently generating in the region of £3,000 annually. A considerable portion of this is required to fund the production of the yearly Newsletter and support the Wymondham College Remembered website. However, where we have had a surplus, donations to the College have been made. The first donation was a contribution to the cost of producing the College Hymn book and a second commitment has recently been made relating to the cost of the proposed Heritage Trail at the College.

Steve Read [the Treasurer] and I meet on a monthly basis at hostelries within Norfolk to sup some of the excellent real ales on offer. A number of you have joined us over the years and there is statistical evidence that attendance at the draw, leads to a win shortly afterwards! If you have a local that you would like us to visit, please let us know.

The only way of effectively advising people of where/when we meet is by e-mail. If you wish to be kept advised of the monthly meetings and who has won, and you also have access to the Internet/e-mail, please contact me so that I can add you to the list.

Subscription is still only £5.00 per month and there are two monthly prizes of £50. There is also the possibility of winning one of the two star prizes of £500 and £250 (in June and December)

For those of you who may wish to join, the monthly payment can be made by Standing Order but we are happy to accept yearly payments of £60.00 from anyone who would prefer to subscribe in that way.

If you feel that you can support us in this scheme, please contact:

Phil Robinson - 100 Club Administrator
Pipkim, Hill Road, Fair Green, Middleton, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 1RW